Friday, January 29, 2010

Wanted: Jean Leggings

I saw these back in the summer when I was living in New York City and totally regret not buying them. Just recently my friend Natasha mentioned how she really wants a pair of jean leggings and I was reminded of these. I'm trying to save money these days, but it will be difficult when these are stuck in the back of my mind *sigh*.

J Brand Olympia Denim Leggings 160$ CAD


  1. oooo!! Much classier than the ones I am getting :P

  2. I forget there's some other brand I think its called Yoga Jeans or something and its the same concept and they're really expensive, but supposed to be amazing! Honestly though go to Simons and go to the jeans and pants section and you'll find a pair or Guess ones in black, no detail, no logo just simple plain black and theyre like 80, I saw them when I went to buy work pants!!