Sunday, March 7, 2010

Restaurant Review: The Liverpool House (Montreal)

The coolest guy on the planet Anthony Bourdain at The Liverpool House

Located on Notre Dame St. Ouest, Montreal is a small and cozy restaurant owned by the man of the famous Joe Beef and McKiernan. The atmosphere was the deal breaker; I fell in love with the artsy SoHo, New York styled eclectic decor and warm feel of the place. It had two separate small rooms, the first was the entrance with a gorgeous bar and in a little doorway to your right was the seating area that was small and intimate. There were paintings hung up around the entire venue along with randomly placed bookshelves and antlers...I instantly fell in love. I started off with braised octopus salad with chickpeas and then moved along to rabbit rolled and stuffed with truffles and a thin slice of bacon on top of a light risotto which was amazing. It was definitely on the more expensive side, but well worth it. I had a fabulous time drinking loads of wine and discussing the Communist Manifesto with the people I love most in life.

Photos courtesy of 'rationalpassion2' (photobucket)

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