Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Music...Old Style

Again....excuse me for my blogging absence, I've basically had the week from hell with going back to school, working, AND doing my applications for my Masters (I'm applying to Parsons and Central St. Martins) and it's beyond stressful. Tomorrow is my only day off so I plan on blogging properly....but for now here is Lykke Li's new single that my friend just sent me! I think it's obvious at this point the love I have for Lykke Li since I've posted practically every song she's ever made.

Lykke Li - I Follow Rivers by dynmk

Ps. I have no pictures of what I was wearing today, but I watched An Education last night again and I'm going through a MAJOR obsession with the 1960's English look...I sported a Topshop duffle coat, leggings, really thick black liquid eyeliner, and had my hair long and wavy. Carey Mulligan is my actual idol; here are some pictures form the movie:

Have a great Saturday night!!


  1. I like everything in your blog... the clothes, music and movies!

    I am following!!


  2. I absolutely love the 60's look :)