Thursday, November 10, 2011


Alright, so...I need to express the love, envy, and admiration I am currently having over the Lulu character (played by Nicole LaLiberte) on my favourite show How To Make It In America. Not only does her effortless cool-factor exude out of her pores in the show along with her stylish deep red hair, but it translates into her real life. There honestly isn't that much information on her, but I've decided to combine everything I could find on her (at least all the interesting stuff) into this one post. So bare with me....this might be a long post, but I guarantee you that you will become just as fascinated by her as I am. Also might I just add that these pictures don't do her justice, you have to see her in film because that's where you will witness that cool-calm-and-collected-artsy-and-crazy-yet-confusing-Bushwick-residing-bright-colored-wearing girl that has slowly but surely won over all of the artist, fashion and HBO lovers out there. I am warning all of you to keep a close eye on this celeb, because she's bound to become huge SOON.

Ps. I feel like she would be a huge Grimes fan. This is what I picture her listening to while walking down the NYC streets in some crazy, colorful outfit:

Grimes - Vanessa by Hunt&Track

Down below I have THREE different sections on the lovely Nicole:

1. Photo collage showing off her beauty and style



3. Elle & The Coveteur: Nicole LaLiberte


I can’t live without…

1. Clarisonic, my absolute must-have beauty item. It's genius—cleans my skin like no other product I've tried before. They sell it at Sephora; everyone should have one!

2. [Christian] Louboutins. Period. The end all shoe.

3. Filet mignon from McCall's in Los Feliz. [My boyfriend] Anthony cooks this to perfection on our grill…yum!

4. Hummingbirds. They nest outside my window. I know I'm home when I see them.

5. Old movies, and my film projector. Movie night is every night at my house! Our most recent screening was Zatoichi, a Japanese film series about a blind samurai warrior. Love.

6. Harold Guskin, my acting coach in New York City. Think Yoda for actors. He's beyond description.

Digital inspiration:


Light Delights
“This yellow chiffon dress is by J. Mendel. I wore it at the Venice Film Festival to the premiere of Paul Morrissey's film News From Nowhere, in which I starred. The glasses are classic Ray-Bans, which I wear everywhere. The lantern was an auction find on a brief visit to Chester, Connecticut. It was a fight to the finish, but thankfully I prevailed! It's completely magical at night. It hangs in my bedroom window and twirls in the wind, reflecting candlelight around the room. I could write pages on this beautiful treasure, but I'll save that for another time.”


What’s Cookin?
“I love my kitchen; it's like camping in L.A. I know it's nothing grand, but you'd be amazed at the feasts that come out of it. The dress is vintage Anne Klein, which I wore at the Venice Film Festival. It was a little too long, and I kept tripping over myself, but it was worth it. I love my colored Le Creuset cookware; flame red, azure blue…what could be better to channel your inner Julia Child!”
Dancing Shoes
“I bought these shoes for the first play I ever performed in. The show was called Artfuckers, and I played a downtown It girl and wore these shoes and nothing else onstage. It was totally liberating! They are Fendi, extremely comfortable and perfect to dance in. They were once straw-colored, but they were spray-painted gold for the show. Placed expertly on top of the shoe is Lambi, a pendant given to me by my beloved boyfriend, Anthony.”


Lady of the Night
“The original signed [George] Hurrell print of Joan Crawford was a gift from Paul Morrissey and has a silver cast that I love. Can you tell that I love Joan Crawford yet? No wire hangers in this house! The sequined Diane von Furstenberg jacket is a staple of mine. I wear it almost every day over jeans with flip-flops or to a black-tie affair over a cocktail dress.”

All information and photographs from the Elle & The Coveteur section can be found on:


  1. So I totally sat across her today at a nail salon and walked over and said " I love your show" and she was super sweet and nice. She's effortlessly gorgeous and Im officially obsessed.

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    xoxo Arthur Camargo

  3. great blog!
    xoxo Sienna

  4. so inspirative!

  5. I love her vivid red locks! Her style and quirkiness is awesome.



  6. love your blog! (:

  7. hey its me... um... nicole. thank you so much for making this page. so rad of you! your site is really cool. props! xn

  8. Nicole is so pretty, i love her style. I like your styling pictures in the kitchen!