Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Moleskine, My Collage

I am having a major, unhealthy obsession with Moleskine these days. Last week I bought myself a Moleskine Sketchbook and I am planning on making it a personal diary/collage, basically a personal version of this blog. Their website is amazing (I was on it for like an hour this morning) and they have a whole section of peoples works in their own Moleskines. So here are some images of other peoples Moleskines taken from their page on facebook and website...such an inspiration. I will definitely be showing you all my Moleskine once it is finished, but that definitely won't be for a while.

I've been doing this in my notebooks for years and years, since I was in Grade 7! To this day I will doodle outfits in my notebooks in class when bored (to clarify these aren't my sketches haha, I wouldn't wear anything here):

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