Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Summer Look: World Traveler

Usually my attire in the summer heat includes girly, frilly dresses, skirts, blouses, and loads of jewelry, but this summer I'm extremely drawn towards this easy going, exotic, and worldly earth tone mixed with exotic patterned style. I suppose it is somewhat of a safari slash military style, but I've been obsessing over this 'look' that includes green slacks that are cuffed above the ankle and loose around the crotch paired with a white airy blouse tucked in. Wooden wedges and my giraffe Kenneth Jay Lane bracelet or any wooden necklace I have made out of bamboo and animal horns designed by my grandfather. My hair is either big and curly, Shakira-esque or loose waves; makeup is bronzed and goldy, nothing too crazy. My camel leather Zadig & Voltaire bag from Paris and with my Porsche Carrera sunglasses on with a Moleskine sketchbook in hand writing down my traveling experiences and inspirations of how the locals are dressed in the exotic country I am traveling in (I would ideally be in Thailand). I'm going a bit too into it, but this has been my summer vision for the last month/month-and-a-half.

This current summer obsession I'm having is definitely from the admiration (and jealousy) I have for my brother Nick who is backpacking through Spain and France for a month and a half and for me leaving for Paris and Amsterdam for over 3 weeks. I have this urge to just explore the world and experience what the world has to offer. Next summer I either want to go to Thailand for a while or Italy for two months with my brother.

Here are some things (movies, music, clothes, jewelry, books, etc. that are related to my summer vision):

Movie: Eat, Pray, Love

I cannot wait to see this movie which comes out in August!! This is exactly the 'look' I am trying to describe. To be completely honest I read 2/3rd's of the book and I didn't really like it, not because of the story, but because the writer failed to grasp the reader.

Book: The Beach by Alex Garland

One of the best books I have ever read depicting a modern Lord of the Flies fictitious novel of a British man traveling deep into the mountains and beaches of Thailand to find paradise, but realizes that what might appear to be paradise really is not.


I am actually obsessed with Moleskine notebooks and my obsession has only grown ever since working at Essense du Papier in Ogilvy's. Here is the description of the brand on their website:

Culture, imagination, memory, travel, personal identity

Moleskine® is a brand that identifies a family of notebooks, diaries, and city guides: flexible and brilliantly simple tools for use both in everyday and extraordinary circumstances, ultimately becoming an integral part of one's personality.

Moleskine was created as a brand in 1997, bringing back to life the legendary notebook used by artists and thinkers over the past two century: among them Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Ernest Hemingway, and Bruce Chatwin. A trusted and handy travel companion, the nameless black notebook held invaluable sketches, notes, stories, and ideas that would one day become famous paintings or the pages of beloved books.

Today, Moleskine notebooks are trusted companions to the creative professions and the imagination of our own times: they have become a symbol of latter-day nomadism, and they are intimately tied to the digital world through a network of websites, blogs, online groups, and virtual archives.

Moleskine Sketchbook

Moleskine City Notebook

Clothes & Fashion Accessories: Anthropologie

This is one of my favorite stores in the world!! Everything they sell is inspired by textiles, shapes, and patterns from exotic countries...absolutely brilliant!

I would totally wear this backpacking in some exotic country in Southeast Asia:

Kenneth Jay Lane Jewelry: By far one of my favorite jewelry lines, it is so exotic, different, well made, and somewhat affordable...truly exquisite.

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