Sunday, October 24, 2010

While Studying...

I am in the middle of studying for my History of Photography midterm that is in two days and all I've been listening to is this song right here...

...absolutely beautiful.

It's also freezing in Montreal and even though the heater is on in the house I'm still cold! I have huge thick socks on, pajama pants with little dogs on them, a black knit long sleeved top, and a HUGE vintage Ralph Lauren wool cardigan in a camel color that i think was my Opa's back in the day and it has an enormous American flag on the's beautiful and warm! I'm also sipping some amazing chamomile and mint tea because I feel a cold coming along. I can't wait for my Sunday night ritual when I make some tea (tonight I might have vanilla oolong tea) and paint my nails (might go with a chocolate brown by Essie) while watching Brothers & Sisters. Happy Sunday :)

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