Friday, October 21, 2011

The London Look


This Fall one of the most prominent trends stems from a strong, quintessential, classic British style that makes you want to skip on the cobble stoned streets of London listening to the crunch of leaves under the soles of your Topshop Oxfords. It's a classic, preppy look with a touch of grunge and artistic flare. It's a look my mother wore in the late 1970's (unfortunately she threw out her suede skinny pants, lace-up boots, and cable-knit sweaters). It makes me want to live in the world that takes place in An Education starring Carey Mulligan and sip on Butterfly Jasmine tea while listening to the tunes of "Blackbird singing in the dead of night, take these broken wings and learn to fly". Welcome to the new-age British prep; a warm, cozy, classic, yet alternative way of Fall go open up that old hardcover edition of Pride & Prejudice at the local cafe down the street that makes those amazing homemade biscuits.


Here are a pair of lace-up boots my mother just bought me from her trip to London last week. They definitely fall under "The London Look".

Might I just add what my mother noticed young girls wearing in London: Almost all of them wore lace-up, ankle booties like the ones she got me, stockings (in opaque and crazy designs), and lots and lots of scarves. I personally love layering scarves....yes putting more than one scarf around my neck at the same time. It sounds suffocating, but it's actually a beautiful look. For example I'll put two black scarves on; a thick wool one and the other a thin, delicate one. It gives a strong textured and unique look, setting you apart from all of the other scarf wearing girls.


  1. Wow, your descriptive skills really transported me from this fluorescent-lit corporate hell for a second there! Loving that Topshop coat and Sandro sweater in particular, and I'll definitely be trying that scarf trick. Lord knows I have enough of them to double up!

    Happy weekend!

  2. Thanks for your lovely comment :) I really like the selection of your London-Style pieces :) xx Dinah

  3. Inspiring colors and beautiful handbag :)
    Thank you for your comment;)

  4. great collage, i love the london look! it's so distinct. must try layering scarves more this winter...

  5. Awesome!

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  7. Amazing inspiration!
    And I love your boots :-)


  8. really inspiring :)
    Love those shoes you´re wearing:)

  9. Beautiful post! I love all the items in this post but my favourite is the Topshop pea coat xx

  10. Didn't realize my entire style sensibility could be summed up in one look!

    Fashion Battleship

  11. Hmm.... interesting perception of what a London look is ;) But I wouldn't generalise. The most amazing thing about London fashion scene is that you see a mix of EVERYTHING. Fluorescent pink sweaters and tweed jackets etc. The trend is one thing, but what we actually wear here is another. We do like our little but tough vintage-looking lace up booties though.
    Where did your mum get yours from? They look lovely.

  12. I love the boots!

  13. perfect, perfect, perfect !!

    xx andie

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