Monday, October 24, 2011

New In: OLD Oh Land!


Why is it that I, the huge music freak/lover, have just 'discovered' Oh Land's debut album called Fauna?!?! Why didn't anyone tell me?! I'm assuming most of you know of Oh Land, the ultra-talented Danish singer-songwriter whose name is actually Nanna Øland Fabricius, because of her latest hit album called Oh Land (ya same as the name of the band). Some of her most popular tracks include Wolf & I, Perfection, and Sun of a Gun, but you HAVE GOT to take a listen to her debut album from 2008 called Fauna. Even though I love the album Oh Land...this one is like on a whole other level.

I've included down below Numb, Koo Koo, and I Found You...seriously amazing. I find she's one of the most interesting, talented, stylish, and gorgeous artists out there!

Ps. this would be extremely embarrassing if you all were thinking "This girl is SO behind on her music..", if so I'm sorry!!


Koo Koo

I Found You

As well, I am including a short interview between Oh Land and

Your mother is an opera singer and your father a theater organist. How did they shape your musical sensibility?

I create music much more than I listen to it. That’s how I was raised with my mum and dad. They were at home making music, rehearsing songs––it wasn’t something you put on as a CD or an LP, and [we definitely didn’t listen to it on the radio]. So in that way I haven’t grown up with popular music. That sets me free in some sense. Pop music is new to me.

You were invited to Pharrell’s studio for a recording session. What was that like?

He has that ability to step into another person’s universe, and not be afraid of anything. I felt like we were two little kids. At one point we were rapping at each other. I’ve never really rapped, but I was rapping!

There is a whimsical element to your lyrics. Would you say you're whimsical?

I’m definitely a daydreamer. I’ve always had a slight problem with reality. It can have a negative side sometimes, like when you’re 25 and you still believe there are trolls under the bed.

You relocated to New York to record your new album. How has the city affected your creative process?

New York has had a very direct influence on me. I often find that I get inspired and feel relaxed when I’m in the middle of big chaos—the eye of the storm.


  1. I love the mix of fashion, music, and visual inspiration on your blog. Oh Land is so great.

  2. great post. i miss new york!


  3. loving the interview.. she's pretty!

  4. i youtubed her after i read this, i thought at first that i didn't know her and that it was great, but then realised i knew that son of gun song! yeah she's great!


    Bang & Buck

  5. you have awesome taste in music, and great write up too! hello from ottawa!

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  8. I LOVE OH LAND! my friends don't get it...whomp whomp..

    i stumbled across your lovely blog and i'm following now. also moving back to paris in janvier and would love to discuss parsons paris if you get a chance :)


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  10. super post! Biz;)

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  11. We love your blog is wonderful and we are always here giving all the news.
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  12. thankyou SO MUCH for posting this I love Oh Land but had no clue they had another album!!