Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ode to Mtl

Here are a few discoveries I have made lately and they pertain to my homeland of Montreal!

I have a minor (actually more like major) crush on Anthony Bourdain and he has a new travel/food show called The Layover where he visits his favourite cities around the world for just 24 hours and basically says where to eat if you're only in these cities for a short layover. You MUST watch this episode, not only is it absolutely hilarious, but he does an excellent job showing just how good the food here is.

I've also added a funny/cute little Montreal sweater I found on Acne Studio's website for men.



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  3. OMG, I know, how kick ass was the Mtl episode of The Layover? The perfect foodie love letter to this awesome city. And I need to get my butt to that taco place, immediately!!