Thursday, January 12, 2012

Country Chic Inspiration

I have always had a love for the preppy, country, Ivy league, Ralph Lauren, Americana-Britania-esque classic style, but at this moment it is stronger than ever and I really just cannot get enough. I have created a sort of inspiration board depicting this style and also provided a 'how to' outfit that emulates this style. Right now the thing I want so so badly in my wardrobe is a Barbour jacket. It is my dream. Might I just add how envious I am of my brother who is living in Scotland at the moment. Oh how I wish to walk through the countryside dressed in forest greens, tweeds, and worn-out brown leather *sigh*.



1. Scott Nickol Women's 'Fair Isle' Sock (Fern) - YMC
2. By Malene Birger Fancie Cable-Knit Wool Cardigan - NET-A-PORTER
3. Frost River Mini Knapsack (Earth) - YMC
4. Barbour Woomen's Jacket - Barbour
5. Rail Straight Jeans in Madewell Wash - Madewell
6. Uniform Wares 150 Series Watch (Rose Gold) - YMC
7. Roeckl Sheepskin Mittens (Brown) - YMC
8. Mark McNairy Grained Boot (Mid Brown) - YMC


  1. Those Mark McNairy boots are classic! They would be perfect for the Scottish climate (its currently sunny here at the moment which makes a bit of a change from the usual!) I keep trying to get my bf to wear a pair like them but he is having none of it...

  2. Hah this look is so popular in London. Get your brother to bring back some cool clothes from the UK for you!

    Fashion Dawgs

  3. love all d pieces, especially the YMC watch :)
    wanna follow each other? let me know! <3