Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Little Something New & Fresh

Lately, I have been obsessing over skincare and makeup products and have slowly been trying to make changes on what I use on a daily basis. This urge to chuck all of my old products and start fresh is due to all of the wonderful, new products that are out there and also from watching Tanya Burr on YouTube regularly. She's a British makeup artist who is actually friends with Millie from Made in Chelsea, one of my favourite shows, so naturally I am addicted to her YouTube channel. So I have slowly but surely been buying some new products and as a result I must share with you two of my favourite brands: KORRES skincare products and Bourjois Paris makeup. 

I have always loved KORRES and have a few of their coloured lip balms and face creams, but I have just recently had the pleasure of receiving a few more products as a gift: the Body Butter in Jasmine, the Facial Fluid Gel Cleanser in White Tea, and the Pomegranate Toner. I've heard amazing things about these products and I'm going to try them today before getting ready to go to my friend's birthday party this evening. 

Along with KORRES, I have completely fallen for Bourjois makeup. I started off with a sparkly eyeshadow in a light cream/golden colour and loved it so much I decided to buy the sparkly, dark charcoal grey, and the sparkly plum as well. They seem extremely sparkly, but after lightly wetting my brush and then adding the eyeshadow onto my lid it comes on as dewy and shimmery. It's honestly just absolutely amazing! Lately, I've been buying so much eyeshadow trying to find the best ones, I've gone through NARS and Laura Mercier, but the colours and textures of Bourjois eyeshadows are just incredible. I also got the illuminator that I put on my upper cheekbones and on my temples, which is so flattering and adds a perfect amount of glow to my face. 

I truly recommend these products and also Tanya Burr on YouTube, she's just so friendly and personable and her makeup tips are awesome and easy to do!

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