Sunday, April 1, 2012

Ready for Summer


I'm slowly but surely changing my mindset from Winter to Summer. I've started jogging outside instead of in the gym, I've been cooking healthier meals, and I've been buying a bunch of whites, corals, and teals to liven up my wardrobe. I'm so excited for this summer, especially since it's the first time probably in my entire life where I am staying in Montreal for the entire summer without leaving for a vacation. Even though not taking a vacation sounds awful, this will give me the opportunity to actually enjoy all that Montreal has to offer in the summertime! There are so many festivals, good food, amazing parties, and outside activities going on in Montreal that I am so excited to experience. I am moving out into the city in the next month or two and I have so many international friends that are coming to visit me throughout the whole summer so there is definitely a lot to look forward to.

I have created an inspiring summer collage that will hopefully make all of you readers look forward to Summer as well. It's all about eating fresh food, being active, partying, and being with the ones you love!

What are all of your plans for this summer?

On a side note: Here is one of my all time favourite Summer songs that reminds of the days when I was young and didn't have a care in the world...

Sebastien Tellier - La Ritournelle

Oh nothing's going to change my love for you
I wanna spend my life with you
So we make love on the grass under the moon
No one call tell, damned if I do
Forever journey on golden avenues
I drift in your eyes since I love you
I got that beat in my veins for only rule
Love is to share, mine is for you


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