Sunday, November 8, 2009

Joya by Tessy & Olivia

My friend Tessy and I were studying at a coffee shop on Bernard Street in Outremont last week when we got on the topic of trying to find a way to make more money other than from our regular part-time jobs. We both are very creative and love to make jewelry, so Tessy brought up the idea of making a little business where we make bracelets and headbands. We would sell them at Samuel Augustin (my father's salon and spa) and at a boutique on Mount-Royal that her uncle's girlfriend owns. The name for our small business is Joya which means jewel in Spanish. Our medium will consist of leather, beads, rope, wire, lace, rhinestones, and maybe some silk materials and our style will have a lot of braids and knots. For headbands we both agreed that feathers and bows are SO out and that since the 80's are back we would have headbands with big knots in the front and skinny turban styled ones that have an overlap material in the front. We also love rhinestones and headbands that have two rows that wrap around the entire head. Anyway, we're still trying to find and buy some of our materials but once we have made some Joya pieces I will definitely post some pictures up.

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