Tuesday, November 17, 2009


This is a fashion obsession that I have had since I was a baby (no joke). My mom used to dress me up in gorgeous hosiery from France when I was a little girl, then in High School I always wore stockings instead of the knee high socks that were a part of the school uniform, and to this day (literally I am wearing stockings right now) I still where them. I don't know the brand that I am wearing now, but I know I bought them at Ogilvy's and that they are made in Italy. These are one of my favourite stockings they are black with a big diamond pattern, the diamonds are ultra sheer and the thick outline around the diamonds are opaque. I also own Hue, Wolford, DKNY, and then some random European brands that are amazing (like the ones I am wearing now). My favourite designs are thick opaque Wolford's, ultra sheer (the 80's are back!), diamond shape, flowery net pattern (I have a gorgeous pair from DKNY in this dusty rose colour....amazing), and now ultra sheer with small dots.
(All photos taken from http://www.wolford-partnerboutique-w1-london.com/)

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