Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Wanted: Fur Collars

I am currently having a bit of a crazy obsession with fur collars....I need to have one like NOW! I've always loved vintage fur (hopefully one day I get to inherit my great-grandmother's gorgeous mink coat that hits just below the bum and has shorter sleeves with a belle/peter-pan rounded collar!!), but right now I'll settle for just a collar...I've always wanted one, but just recently I saw my friend wearing a huge fox tail around her neck as a scarf and I gasped...it was gorgeous! You seriously can wear it with ANYTHING....a cashmere sweater, a leather jacket, a winter jacket, etc... So now all I think about are fur collars and all of a sudden they've been appearing all around me...I see them everywhere. Therefore, today after school I plan on hitting up some vintage stores on Rue Notre-Dame Street Ouest where apparently there are fur collars (well that's what my brother told me). Hopefully I will be in luck and find a real, gorgeous, but hopefully not too expensive collar!

On a side note: I do not believe in buying new fur, but I do not think there is anything wrong with buying vintage/recycled fur.

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