Friday, August 20, 2010

My Fall Look

I have never in my life been so excited for Fall to arrive because my true passion and love for fashion and style emerges and I am able to play with layers and colors and textures. During the summer it is too hot and I feel restricted with what I can wear, so it is such a relief to be able to layer sweaters and scarves and coats! Every season I try to have a signature 'look'...last spring I wore Frye looking black, short combat boots with wool Ralph Lauren leggings, longer tops, a green army coat that ended mid-thigh, and I would either layer with two different textured black scarves or big fur collars. This season I'm going a bit less edgy and a bit more classic. I have always been obsessed with classic Ralph Lauren is honestly the most beautiful and timeless style and so I plan on dressing more Equestrian, 1970's Harvard boy.

My look:
All black rubber Burberry boots that are very simple and that have no pattern, but rather the logo in black and raised on the side; black wool Ralph Lauren leggings, long layered tops/cardigans; a navy blue boys blazer that is on the shrunken/shorter side and that has shorter sleeves with gold button detail and cinch's in the waist; a fur collar that fits PERFECTLY with the blazer (sounds a bit weird and unusual to see a fur collar with such a fitted blazer...but it is to dieee forrr); and lastly my Marc Jacobs small long strapped black quilted bag with gold chain detail and my black vinyl Longchamp bag for school. My hair will be either pin straight or loose soft waves and I will be sporting my gold MK watch with lots of gold and brown leather jewelry. I also want to buy a nice trench this season, a distressed light brown leather saddle bag from Club Monaco, and also a tweed blazer with a big brown suede patch over the elbows...very Americana-esque.

Here are some images that emulate my Fall look obsession:

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