Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Indiana Jones for Fall

While I was waiting alone for the 140 bus in downtown Amsterdam to get back to my cousins home in the suburbs I was watching the golden Aryan species riding their Dutch bikes and football wives driving their European Range Rovers around town. They exuded this fresh, Nordic aura that was completely captivating and sort of breathtaking. I had been used to always living in a very multicultural city (Montreal) and have always traveled to multicultural cities, like New York and Paris, so to be in this world where everyone basically looks like cousins was a bit overwhelming.

Besides their distinct physical beauty, their fashion sense was very intriguing. It consisted of a Nordic/European version of Ralph Lauren; the men all had long slicked back golden hair with fitted blazers and polo's and the women were either preppy chic or preppy chic with this simplistic Nordic, eclectic look that had just a touch of 1970's bohemian with an edge. It's strange to try and completely describe the Dutch style, but it is very similar if not the same to Danish/Swedish style...although Swedish style is on a whole other level in my opinion.

What struck me the most and has affected me to this day where I am obsessed Equestrian Ralph Lauren style for fall was this gorgeous 30-something year old woman in her Range Rover driving by. She had long blond waves, exactly like Blake Lively, and she had this floppy chocolate brown suede hat for Fall and she looked so chic and glamorous I wanted to cry. In general I am not a hat person, I never wear hats except for beret's in the Fall/Winter...that is when I find one that will fit my head. I was unfortunately given the infamous Swedish Square-Head by my Mormor and no joke nothing fits my head. But I will make an exception this fall and make it my mission to find an Indiana Jones styled brown vintage men's hat that will go just beautifully with a big chunky scarf and riding boots.

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