Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Paris Magazine

While I was in Paris in the beginning of July with my brother we decided to visit the famous bookstore Shakespeare & Co. on Rue de la Bucherie with Notre Dame in clear view across La Seine. The bookstore is completely magical bringing you into this old world filled with thousands upon thousands of books new and old. For the hour that my brother and I spent in there I felt like I was on the set of Harry Potter; books are shoved everywhere from floor to ceiling and there are tiny pathways leading you into different rooms and levels. Even if you are not into literature, it is such a beautiful and historic store that cannot be missed while in Paris. On the second floor there were hundreds of beautiful, old, antique books and I was planning on buying a couple when I was unfortunately informed that they were not for sale. Devastated, I instead bought a beautiful edition of Orwell's 1984 and a book called The Paris Magazine, which is published by Shakespeare & Co. and is only available at Shakespeare & Co. It is a compilation of short stories and poems written by Parisians; some are originally written in English and others are translated from French to English.

The Paris Magazine

Here is a picture of my brother in Shakespeare & Co. in Paris:

A picture of the inside of Shakespeare & Co.

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