Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I Have Fallen In Love

Good morning! Woke up early to go to school, but I'm taking the time to post the songs I've fallen in love with, the winter coat I have fallen in love with, and the leather saddle bags I've fallen in love with...all within the past 24 hours!

Florence + The Machine's newest single Addicted To Your Love

Florence + The Machine's Heavy In Your Arms

Winter Coat
Maje Paris Alenxia Manteau Grey Avec Fourrure de Raccoon et 100% Laine Vierge
Saw this in the October 2010 issue of L'Officiel Paris and fell in love...

Leather Saddle Bags
Yesterday I was browsing ebay and came upon dozens upon dozens of insanely gorgeous VINTAGE COACH BAGS! They are so simple, 100% leather, all in black or camel (sometimes you'll find a "rare" color of burgundy or whatever), and most of the styles are cross-body and saddle bags! They are gorgeous!!! And cheap...(averaging around 20$)!!! I swear this is a revelation...and might I just add how sad it is that Coach has become so different from what the company was originally about. Here are some of the many bags I am bidding/watching on ebay!


  1. I have 3 comments.

    1) music is amazing.
    2) coat is adorable. i actually like the fur (oddly enough).
    3) my last comment is the most important! what has happened to coach seriously?! These bags are sophisticated and classic, now all I see are tacky bags all over the streets. I cannot believe they are 20 dollars!!! you need to ebay shop for me..ok? thanks!

  2. I love this coat!!!))) Super post.

  3. Coat is amaaaazing! And bags are even more amazing!