Thursday, November 25, 2010

Latest Purchase: Lush Lip Scrub in Mint Julips

One of my best friends told me to go buy this ASAP, that it was one of her favorite newly purchased products (and keep in mind this is coming from a girl who is the beauty/skincare product Queen). I then rushed to Lush after my Politics in China class and picked up this inexpensive lip scrub product in Mint Julips, it also came in Bon Bon and Bubblegum. The second I got home I read some reviews and found out that it's an all natural product and contains mostly sugar...therefore it's EDIBLE. After scrubbing my lips, using my index finger there was some left over sugar and so I just licked off the rest and it tasted SO GOOD. My lips were left feeling softer than ever and tasting sweeter than ever! Definitely a fun, inexpensive, and amazing product with great results that is useful in a city where the high today is -2 degrees (in other words your whole body is dry with dead skin). So go buy it now, it's a lip scrub and dessert all in one :)



  1. AWWWWW I LOVE YOUU, thanx for the shoutout babygirl!

  2. i have the bubblegum one!so yummy!x