Sunday, November 14, 2010

Six Little Sunday Inspirations

It is a crisp and sunny Sunday afternoon and I am stressed beyond belief with the amount of homework I have to do, including a research paper where I must describe how photography's subjects and meanings have evolved in the past 150 years by referencing three 20th century artists. I have chosen to focus on contemporary artists Chuck Close, Sally Mann and Jerry Spagnoli, who use early to mid 19th century mediums such as daguerreotype and collodion process but in a modern context. I am also currently reading Nightwood by Djuna Barnes for my Modern Fiction class and so far it is a very unusual, but nevertheless amazing novel. Well enough about the tedious, however interesting homework I am doing and let me share with you some little random things I am obsessing over this weekend:

1) Watched A Single Man again this weekend and now I'm really into the all-black, 1960's, cat look and so I purchased gorgeous black thick leggings and a thin cashmere/wool-blend long sleeved, chic black turtleneck. I also have been doing the thick, cat, liquid eyeliner look with nude eyeshadow. With this look comes a beautiful Burberry Four Pocket Wool Duffle Coat in Camel (which I plan on hopefully purchasing this winter). This look is so so simple, clean, classic yet contemporary, I love it *sigh*.

2) Loving this wool, hand knit dog sweater for my dog Charlie:

3) Hot Cocoa and Smokin' Hot by Essie:

4) The Sinatra Channel on Sirius Radio:

5) Mulberry Black Natural Leather Cosmetic Purse (but used as a wallet)

I don't use a wallet anymore for some reason; it started about 3-4 months ago and now I'm just obsessed with small pouches as my wallet. I keep change, bills, Rosebud Salve, my public transportation card and Student ID in there and then I have a metal security card holder for my important cards separately. Right now I am using a red worn out pouch my Aunt bought for me from Paris when I was probably 6 years old and so I think it is time I invest in a more grown up, good quality pouch...that is, a simple Mulberry pouch.

6) Hot Chocolate (especially from Second Cup):

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