Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Nature's Necklace by Martha Stewart

So it's a beautiful and extremely hot (33 degrees) Tuesday afternoon in Montreal and I've been tanning all day long and now I'm in the shade drinking iced water and eating vanilla yogurt with blueberries and strawberries, watching the sailboats go by on the water and reading my mother's new Martha Stewart Living magazine when I came upon this image I posted above!!! How summery and pretty is that?? I need to make this as soon as possible. You can wear it with anything! A pretty flowy summer dress or ripped light denim shorts with a bohemian top paired with a thick braid in your hair, maybe spray in some Surf Spray by Bumble and Bumble to give your hair that beach-y summer feel, maybe put on some Candy Apple Mint nail polish by Essie; basically anything that has a laid back summer bohemian look.

Anyway, I will type out the "How-To" description in the magazine for all of you:

Note: True daisies are in season, but they're quite fragile. We used daisy chrysanthemums, which are found year-round at most florists (and even supermarkets) and hold up better out of water.

1. Pinch flower stems to about 4 inches. Make a small slit in the bottom half of each stem with your nails.
2. Thread 1 stem through the slit in another. Continue, adding flowers to reach desired length. To finish, make a second slit in the stem of the first flower, and slip the last flower through it.

Information taken from Martha Stewart Living June 2010 issue, page 58. Number 199.


  1. cute. but i feel like it would itch. random thought.

  2. haha! I swear it doesn't itch, I used to do it as a kid. Daisies are super soft.