Monday, May 10, 2010

New York Fashion Week

Take a look at the latest design of what will be the future New York Fashion Week location. From September 9-16 spring/summer collections will not be shown at Bryant Park, but rather at Lincoln Center. I think it looks great and it will be a lot more spacious, but I'm definitely going to miss it being at Bryant Park. The first thing I thought of when reading the article in WWD was how much further the location is from Conde Nast! Perhaps this is my first reaction because I interned there last summer (so my loyalty will always be with Conde) and now the neurotic side of me is emerging and I'm stressing on how much longer it's going to take WWD to upload the images onto their website because it's no longer across the street. I know that's going a bit too far, but honestly that was the very first thing I thought of.

Photograph courtesy of Women's Wear Daily

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