Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Parisian Inspiration

La Foule
Edith Piaff


Here is a little collage I just created on everything Parisian...hope it inspires you!
A little side note:
- The picture of the Eiffel Tower in the center is by my friend Melissa who took it while we were there with some other friends all dressed up in our black dresses eating brie and baguettes on the grass.
- The photograph on the very lower right corner is by me taken in Paris!
- The cafe shown on the bottom is one of my favorite cafe's to go to at night called La Palette (seriously the most beautiful crowd I've ever seen in my life...)

P.s. I want to thank you all for your really kind comments, seriously means so much to me :)!
And also my week is horribly busy, I just finished my finals and I am now working all day every day, so I might not post as often as I usually do, but outfit posts will come soon!


  1. i love Macaroons so much!!! i always buy them when im in paris. my favorites are from laduree.

  2. Lovely photos and a beautiful inspiration board! Macaroons are my faves too! xoxo

  3. all you post in your blog is so pretty!! :)



  4. Natale,occasione che piu si abbina con Parigi...,mas questo freddo mi fa ripensare;)

  5. fabulous collage. love the illustration.
    your blog is adorable and chic. I'm following. I would love love love if you followed me too <3