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This past weekend my brother Nick, my dog Charlie, and I went to Boston to go visit our Aunt and Uncle who live in the South End part of the city. I have been to Boston several times, but it was my first time driving there without my parents and it ended up being an amazing Columbus Day/Canadian Thanksgiving weekend getaway. Even though it was pouring rain on our drive down and on our way back home there was a psycho farmer from Vermont harassing us, it was a wonderful trip. Boston is a quaint city that isn't fast-passed like New York, but still has a LOT of history. In this post I am going to be giving you a little Guide to Boston from my perspective.

Museums: The Museum of Fine Arts

I loved this museum, it had everything starting from Egyptian and Greek Art all the way to Modern Art. They also had a very good Buddhist and Japanese Art section. The gift shop had an amazing variety of books, I felt like I was at Barnes & Noble! I have a very big obsession with beautiful coffee table books (even though I don't even own a coffee table) and this museum had a very nice collection of potential coffee table books, whether it be about fashion, art, home decor, or travelling...they had it

Food: Franklin's Cafe

LOVED THIS RESTAURANT! I have to admit Boston does not have amazing food...but this place was the best place I've been to yet. It was really dark, small, and intimate bistro styled restaurant located on a small street in the South End. I had unfried big pieces of calamari with white beans underneath and then an amazing steak frites as my main dish. The other people I was eating with had steak styled tuna and shellfish stew. The service was also amazing, very friendly and the crowd was packed with locals. Can't wait to go back! (

The Upper Crust

If you want a good slice of pizza in Boston go to The Upper Crust. I always go to the one on Charles Street, but apparently there are more locations now. Not the BEST pizza I've ever had (Denino's in Staten Island, New York is the BEST in the world), but this however is very good. (

Shopping: Boston style is very preppy (with 35 Universities in the city, including Harvard) and a bit on the conservative and safe side, it is basically the quintessential look and essence of America. Every time I go I think of Ralph Lauren and J. Crew...and that is exactly where I go to shop when I am there. I also think of Coach when I am there, but I personally don't like that trend, it's so overdone and has turned on the tacky/cheap seems like every young female adult has a coach bag in America. Here is a list of stores that I shop at when I am in Boston, not only because they reflect Bostonian style, but also because they are stores that do not exist in Montreal.

Rugby Ralph Lauren

This store is AMAZING! I love it! It's a younger and more affordable version of the high end line of Ralph Lauren. Their logo is of a small skull that they put on a lot of their clothing, they have blazers, wool sweaters, ruffles, big stripes, crests...the epitome of American style. Unfortunately, they do not ship it to Canada and there are only a select few Rugby boutiques, so if you want a dose of young, American preppy style with a Ralph Lauren influence to it, you have to go to Boston or New York City (closest cities to Montreal that carry Rugby). The price range is around 70$-550$. (


This is my favourite store in the entire world. I love everything about it! The store designer is a God because everything in it looks and is set up beautifully. Anthropologie has the same concept as Urban Outfitters where they have different clothing brands (not their own), jewelry, books, shoes, handbags, and home decor. The style is very unique, worldly, eclectic, whimsical, and vintage inspired. They have people who work for Anthropologie who travel the world trying to find interesting and different styles, patterms, and textiles. It is a bit more on the expensive side, but absolutely worth it! (

J. Crew

J. Crew is classic, preppy, American style. It is somewhat basic with jeans, cardigans, blouses, coats, ballet flats, and long gold chain necklaces. It is in other words, a preppier and higher end version of Gap. They have them all over the States, but unfortunately not in Montreal. (

Harvard Yard

This is Harvard's new clothing line for men inpired by what Harvard students used to wear back in the 1940's and 1950's. It's absolutely gorgeous preppy Ivy League clothing that I heard about when reading WWD this summer at Conde Nast. Only problem...they don't have a women's line yet!

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