Thursday, October 22, 2009

Oh The Weather Outside is Frightful....

Ok well since it started to SNOW today in Montreal, yes I said SNOW, I thought I would share with you some things that have been making me warm in this crazy weather (and things that I still need to purchase)

1. Black cashmere wrap sweater by Club Monaco: I'm wearing it now and can't remember the last time I took it off....yes it's THAT warm and comfy!

2. Beret's: my favorite kind of hat, it's so elegant and Parisian I love it! The ones that look the nicest on me and actually are very cheap are the ones from Zara this season. I got one in black and in a cream/grey/light rose colour. They both are more on the slouchy side and are super furry like a Russian hat. They cost only 20$ each! Go get them now before they sell out! (I love them so much that I gasped so loudly when I saw friend Tessy thought I was insane!)

3. Knit men's socks by J.Crew: I wear them with my boots and they are so big, chunky, and warm. Who cares if they're made for men, no one will know! I got mine in a cream and navy blue, but they also had burgundy!

4. Scarf by Banana Republic: I purchased a cashmere and wool blend scarf that is so beautiful and light yet warm. They had it in a soft white (the colour I got), light grey (my friend Tessy bought), and a neutral tan with a hint of rose. There is no chunky knit pattern to it at all, it's instead long and smooth!

5. Uggs: Yes I know, I know they aren't the most beautiful shoes on the planet but living in the arctic you NEED these. It's not part of a fashion statement (well at least I don't make it out to be like that) instead it is a necessity when trying to survive Canadian winters, otherwise you'll get frost bite. Trust me if I lived somewhere else I would not buy them. You have to admit they are the comfiest things ever invented!!

6. Canadian Goose Down Jacket: I have not purchased mine yet because I'm asking it as a part of my Christmas present this year because they are soooo expensive (around 475-550$). I think every University student in the Montreal area owns this's a bit overdone, like Uggs, but it is the warmest jacket probably in the entire world. I plan on getting the longer one that ends right above the knee, with a big fur hood, in black, and that cinches in the waist.

7. Wool Leggings by Rugby Ralph Lauren: I bought a pair when I was in Boston and they weren't so expensive for wool leggings (60$). They are so warm and don't itch that badly! I wear leggings all of the time, so this was a great winter investment!

Another thing that makes me warm throughout this season (it doesn't have to do with clothing) is Second Cup's Hot drink ever! Tastes like a chocolate bar, but hot and liquefied. I now feel prepared for this winter season! Time to bundle up!

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