Thursday, April 8, 2010


Excuse my blogging absence, but it's that time of the year when I am completely overwhelmed with finals. On top of all of the endless books I have to read and papers i have to write...I have a cold. It's absolutely horrible and I do not want to do anything but drink OJ and watch mindless TV, like The Real Housewives of Orange County (or Atlanta)...BUT I CAN'T! Seriously, blowing my nose every two seconds in the library is most probably the most annoying and humiliating thing ever. I receive major death glares. Anyway I'm making up a list of things that are getting me through finals this season:

1. Starbucks Coffee
2. Halls
3. Tissues
4. Leggings, Sperry's, and cashmere cardigans (comfiest ensemble ever)
5. includes She & Him, Mumford & Sons, Yann Tiersen, old school Coldplay, and Classical music.
6. Java U wraps
7. Rosebud Salve
and last, but definitely not least...
8. My brain.


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