Saturday, April 24, 2010

Parsons Paris Summer '10

It is official that this summer I will be traveling to Paris, France by myself and studying fashion at Parsons Paris School of Art + Design. I will be leaving July 18th to take a two week long intensive course then traveling to Amsterdam to go visit family for a couple of days. I am so ecstatic to be living in Paris for a bit and meeting so many new people from around the world. I will be living in student housing and rooming with someone in my class. The class I will be taking is called "The Image of Fashion and the Fashion of Images" and this is the description on Parsons Paris' website:

This course emphasizes various fashion presentations through the exploration of photo shoots, showroom visits and runway shows. With the guidance of fashion professionals and critiques, students will learn the strategies related to fashion advertising, communication and branding.

Looking at contemporary fashion and its expression via the medium of still photography, students will examine the broad range of radical and avant-garde ways in which fashion has been represented in the past and present. Particular attention will be paid to the critical role of models, timing, lighting, decor, hair, makeup, etc., via hands-on projects. Through demonstrations, lectures and projects students will increase core knowledge about the principles of French fashion design and its visual representation in journalism and advertising. Visits to prestigious Parisian ateliers and editorial companies will be an important component of this course.

It is going to be a lot of work, but I am ready for the challenge. This class will definitely benefit me when applying to Parsons in the fall for my Masters degree. From now until I leave I need to save A LOT of money not only to pay for the course and housing, but also to be able to fully enjoy the city. Throughout my two weeks there I plan on writing on this blog everyday talking about my adventures at Parsons and in Paris. I will also be adding photos that I will take of the city, of fashionable people in Paris, my future peers, and of myself. Another thing I will be doing from now until Paris is sharing my ideas of outfits I will wear...I basically need to be at my fashion peek during those two weeks and I will start preparing NOW.

Here are some pictures of me last June in Paris for L'Oreal's 100th Anniversary:

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